Judgment Day

Ever realized how physically draining it is to be judged with every step you take. There’s always the “why are you doing that,” “why did you say that,” or even “why do you like that?” It’s as if someone was trying to shame your entire existence. My color is black because I like it that way! I am wearing this band because I like it! Nevertheless, there is always someone saying something. No matter what, there will always be someone saying something. Judgments will come everyday, but the one that matter is the one we all know as Judgment Day. The day we finally get to stand before the almighty and recap on our lives on earth. And are you ready? Can you say you’ve lived your life the best to your ability? Did you help when it was asked? Did you surprise the needy without request? Did you remember to put the Lord before the start of your everyday? Probably yes, just not every day. Each day should be lived without a regret the next day. So good, be good, and give good! Something’s it hard, but pray a little harder, laugh a little louder and never live your life with regret. Your judgment day will come, and that’s the only judgment that matters. Don’t let anyone’s negativity or over exalting remarks be the lighting of your sunny afternoon. Be positive, think positive and move on! 💝