Sweet Sugar & A Bitter Heart

It’s national doughnut day and I can’t help but think of all the sweet and free donuts out there. Glazed. Chocolate. Sprinkles no Sprinkles. AND even bacon. It’s all sweet while our world is actually bitter. Bitter with negativity, violence and politics. Ewww! As social media is growing so it the hatred in our hearts. Because of the first amandment in the Constitution of the United State we have freedom of speech, therefore we feel it is STRONGLY urged to say and do as we’d like. We forgot how important the word FEELINGS is. We stopped caring about our family, our friends, our neighbors and sometimes even ourselves. But really who can blame us right? After all, the world is moving and we can’t stay behind. Wrong! We have the power to make a difference, no matter how small or how big. Chain reactions is real, your voice can and will make a diffrence! Don’t keep trying to fly with your wings cut off, heal and then fly, even if you have to learn again. Loving and kindness isn’t hard.  We all have it in us, so just like that sweet sugar make it part of your day so spread a positive input in someone’s life. Oh and don’t forget your free donut! 😊🤗