I hit rock bottom. I wanted nothing but the easy way out, no more tears, no more pain, no  more bad memories. But then I realized that for every sorrow and every tear, it was a step towards becoming the person I was meant to be. After time I realized, my burdens, my tears, my heartbreaks were all part of God’s plan. I found myself. My purpose in life, and now, now there is no stopping me. I’m in control, and I am becoming stronger everyday! And I want you to do the same, sometimes we just need a little push, and that’s why I am here. Hi friend! 🙂


I am the proud momma of a furry little guy named Ottis. He’s a chihuahua mix, long and short haired. He’s currently in his rebel stage of being a chiahauah (one they never get out actually) and has no intent of ever listening to what is told! Although Ottis is a tough nut to crack, he’s very friendly and playful! I have to give it to him he knows how to sit, stay, twirl and shake your hand! Anytime you pass by him with food, he will want to shake your hand without command! He’s a sweet dog, loveable but hardheaded!