About Me 

First I’d like to state I’m really bad at introducing myself, I hated the couple first days of school when we had to stand up and say something about ourselves. Well here it is, my name is Leslie and my favorite colors change depending on my mood. I refuse to spend too much money on items, so I’m a sales hunter! 😉 I enjoy spending my free time listening to audiobooks and watching cute puppy videos. Your typical girl, doing typical things. I aspire so many things yet I find myself having rarely enough time to move past the “I should do this,” phase.

I’m just like you. Confused yet fierce. Strong yet weak. Motivated yet I suffer lack of willingness. And I know I’m meant to do big thing in life although I haven’t figured out what. I smile violently while trying to keep my two feet on the ground. I aspire to adapt and understand as the world changes every second.

I like to remind myself that each and every one of us has a purpose and while it may seem big or small to us, it’s a huge asset to our surroundings. Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. The more we invest in our inner glow the brighter we seem on the outside.

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