The Scars of my Body

Ever saw a scar on your body and quickly remembered exactly how you got it? Like in 8th grade while riding home on your bicycle and you hit a curb, fell on the ground and scraped your knee. Or the time you tried to climb a tree and lost balance and a tree branch scraped your belly deep enough to leave a scar.

Some scars are of joy, some fill us with embarrassment, while others make us confused. There are women who have escaped physically abusive relationships but will always carry those scars. Scars that depending on the day and mood become a relief and reality to a mixture of emotions.

Everyday while getting dressed I examine my body and my personal scars bring a cup of tea with a dash of melancholy, actually, enough to make the tea so bitter I’d rather not have it. Although my scars aren’t big in size they are huge in guilt and sadness. My scars represent a baby I will never get to hold due to an ectopic pregnancy. My scars represent the removal of a Fallopian tube. And my scars represent the higher risk of another ectopic pregnancy. And while those scars will never go away the pain that it physically brought will.

For old time sake memories stick around forever, because what once was painful became a strength. And although we might not have realized it then, it became a life lesson. Whether it was to remind you to not try and climb a tree while wearing flip flops or ride your bike to close to the curve, all scars share a lesson.

Physical and emotional scars, both so profound they leave a forever mark on the heart and mind. We try to hide them with smiles, makeup and clothes because sometimes we are so ashamed to wear them.

A scar can be deep. It can be painful but a scar represents a new chapter, a lead with a two way ending. One who’s power to steer is with us. Scars can be good reminders of a battle that was overcome. Scars are our life wounds.

For every physical and emotional scar a true joy should arise. Because it’s a memory, it’s a lesson, it’s a chapter with a new beginning..

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