From Mexico to America: I am DACA 

I’m from a country where the native language is Spanish, the skin color is naturally tan and tortillas are used over forks. A place that is commonly known for the two T’s: tacos and tequila.  The flag green, white and red with an eagle, nopal and snake planted mid center. A beautiful country full of color and life. My birth country is Mexico. 🇲🇽 

And I’m currently living in the Stars and Stripes. Where the Star Spangled Banner proudly sung by its citizens. A country full of colors and languages although it’s know for its English. It’s big on hotdogs, burgers, Football and apple pie. American Idol, the Super Bowl, Law and Order, Dancing with the stars are everyone’s favorite. A country knows for the American Dream, the land of opportunities and achievements. A country I grew up to love, one I learned to adapt to, the one I call home. My home is in the United States of America aka ‘Mericaaa! 🇺🇸 

The items that follow are false: We get financial aid, We qualify for Fasfa, We qualify for Obama Care, We qualify for food stamps, We qualify for cheaper college tuition, We don’t pay taxes, We are stealing jobs, We are criminals, We are dangerous, We are taking advantage of the government. 

Truth is, all the above are false. The biggest truth is most undocumented immigrants pay more for college even if they live in state, Only way to obtain health insurance is through a private company, We pay taxes, We are not criminals, We are not dangerous. We take whatever job we can get. We cannot take advantage of the government, it’s built so that we can’t, no hand outs no compassion.

Yet, we strive to survive. Being foreign is one thing. But “illegal,” is nerve-wrecking. No room to move because you have to watch everything including your own shadow. Even though some of us qualified for DACA, our parents are left with no hope. No promises to see a brighter day. As a daughter of parents who received college education it breaks my heart to know they aren’t able to exercise the sacrifice they made to obtain their degrees. Every day is a challenge knowing today could be the day so you can’t ever be too comfortable. 

Why are we here? No future in our country. No safety. No promises to succeed. Corrupt government. Simple. 

You may wonder why we decided to come to USA when things aren’t any better here for us.. “THE AMERICAN DREAM!” It’s televised everywhere, it’s promised on foreign lands, it’s talked about daily, it’s whispered amongst one another, it’s a dream that followed us to our motherland and gave us hope.  

DACA granted me Peace. Being able to obtain a drivers license and work “legally,” turned into floating on clouds. I no longer had to be afraid of my own shadow, however I fear for my elders. 

DACA gave me a piece of my sanity back. It stopped the panic attacks, social anxiety and night full of tears. The terror was gone, I had a chance to do something for myself.

And on September 5th, all the good was taken away from me and the bad came. Although it won’t be until a year from now that my permit expires, I’m dumbfounded. I’m scared, I’m worried, I’m terrified to loose everything I worked and dreamed so hard to obtain. 

And I’m sorry if you feel I don’t belong. I’m sorry if you feel I have no right. I’m sorry if I make you afraid. I’m sorry if I make you upset. I’m sorry if I’m “invading” your country. But I’m not sorry for following “THE AMERICAM DREAM,” you so loudly televised. 

This country became my home. I am part of what makes America.  Believe it or not, I’m just like you. I mean no harm, I mean no wrong. I’m here to provide and become someone just like you. It’s a land of opportunities, it’s a land of many virtues. My heart will forever beat for my country and it will cheer and praise for the red, white and blue. 

This is my home. This is my dream. I support DACA, I am DACA. 

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