Finish line 🎊

Yesterday I experienced a challenge. I went on a 5 mile walk without the proper gear. I had a companion that is too small to walk without finishing his legs within 10 minutes. That’s right, my chihuahua Ottis was with me. And although he’s a funny little guy, he prefers the indoors. The perfection of his comfy bed, pillow and blanket! Throughout the way as we were walking he’d scratch my leg when he was tired, meaning he wanted up. Just like a toddler, I know! I’d keep walking with him in one hand and my bag in the other, almost as if there was no time to stop. We took three five minute breaks but I was determined to make it back with no help. During the walk all I could think of was the finish line, soon the walking would be over, that carrying would be over and I’d relax in bed and rest my feet. But talk about the excruciating pain my feet were in, I was wearing flip flops.. But as I kept walking I kept reminding myself I was almost there, even when I wanted to give up, I was almost there! My goal? The finish line to achieve something I started, something I put myself to and decided to finish. To which I did, my crazy 5 mile walk was finally over! I made it to the finish line. And throughout our lives, we have so many challenges, so many goals and projects we would like to achieve. However, we don’t, we don’t because we take too many breaks, because we find ourselves too busy, too involved in other things. My walk took about three hours and a half, possibly a little less or a little more, and it wasn’t until I had 30 minutes left that I wanted to give up, so I called a taxi, which they didn’t accept dogs, I could have kept calling other companies, but I didn’t. One “No ma’am we don’t accept dogs” was enough for me to continue on walking! And by that point I was beyond tired, I was beyond exhausted and my feet had alread had one too many steps. But I didn’t give up! And as crazy as it was, I met my 5 mile walk. There were bumps along the road, literally, there were times where the back of a car sounded a lot more pleasant, but I didn’t give up!!! And that’s what makes me so proud. Determination is all we need to succeed, no matter how small or large our goals are, we can do it! There is literally nothing stopping us, and if you think there is, those are bumps along the way, but they can be walked on.. Motivation and determination! Live by them. Don’t close your wings, spread them, and fly to your next project you’ve been dying to do but have been too scared or too busy for, do it, I believe in you, and most importantly deep down Inside, I know you believe in you too! 

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