The brighter days 

There is days when joy is my first name and happy feet my last.. There’s days when no matter how rude someone is to me or how terrible the food I just ate was, my day can’t be ruined. Those are the days when right before bed I pray a little harder and I hurt a little longer. All the happiness and joy goes away when the sun goes down. After a full day of being optimistic everything becomes.. annoying, to say the least. Annoying because after a day of being optimistic in a world where everyone is quite the opposite you hit a breaking point, how can people be so cynical, so ignorant, so negative? Everyone is focused about half empty half full cup but are never thankful for having that cup. We are thought to believe that if something isn’t given to us, we can whine, kick and scream but God forbid we actually do something to help the situation, like are you kidding, it’s 2017.. everything should be given to us at the snap of a finger. ​

Sometime we want to run away and find ourselves in a secluded area, away for negativity and burdens. But that’s running away from your problems. Meanings it’ll never go away, it will always follow you. That is, unless you do something about it. Anything that is broken can be fixed.. Nothing is untouchable, unbarebale or even undesirable, we just think it is. Because it’s easier to be upset at what is right there than to try and figure out a brighter side. So when the brighter days are over and the night begins to dance, pray a little harder, sing a little harder, take some time to yourself. And remember everything will be just fine, just spread your wings and fly! 😊

“And if you don’t believe the sun will rise, stand alone and greet the coming night in the last remaining light.”

 -Chris Cornell 

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