The beginning 

Drowning. That feeling of drowning can be suffocating, emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s like everywhere you look, no matter what you think, no matter what you hear, there isn’t a lifeguard strong enough to bring you back to shore. It almost feels like that’s the way, like there’s nothing better than to finally let go, but we forget that spiritually there’s the God all mighty, we forget that he’s that experience life guard, waiting for us to call on him so that he can bring us back to shore and bring our breathing to a normal state. And that’s exactly how I came back to shore. I didn’t want to keep drowning, feeling suffocated, feeling like there was no way to be better than to end it all. And I tried, twice actually. And both times, my experience lifeguard, the Lord almighty, the only one possible that will always be there, he helped me back to shore. And though the process wasn’t easy, I can say it was successful. And I held on to my faith and everyday it’s growing more and as my faith grows, my strength grows, and each and every second of my life I started to find myself. I realized that I didn’t want to drawn, not only did I not want to drown but I didn’t want to swim either, I wanted to fly, I wanted to spread my wings and fly! I started to love myself again, it was like I had finally found a true meaning to life, and I became excited for what the next day would bring! I began planning my future once again, I began enjoying those sunny days, the not so sunny and even the dark. I realized in life nothing is easy, and it’s not suppose to, it’s what makes us strong, who we are, who we are meant to be. No matter where we go there will always be someone who we can make an impact on, who we can cheer on. Now I always know, no matter what, there is always sunshine at the end. And with time, I can see and enjoy a little bit more of that sunshine. And that is who I am today! I am strong, I am a fighter, I am a leader and most importantly I love myself! That is how I learned to spread my wings and fly. There is no giving up, there’s a full journey ahead of us, it won’t stop, not today, not tomorrow, there’s still a long way to go! So keep fighting, keep pushing, be who you are meant to be..

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